I Just Bought Me A Ghost

Coming home from running an errand this sunny afternoon my brother and I stopped at a few rummage sales along the way. At our third and final stop I reminded my brother we were shopping for our grandnieces’ 1st birthday.

There were several ladies running the rummage so I asked if they had anything for a one-year-old who has everything. I found a plastic child-sized potty seat with handles and, while examining the whole of it, jocularly inquired if it was musical. One of the women responded “Yes. If you go ‘tinkle’“.

My brother and I leisurely discussed the merits of this or that item the women had for sale. Some of the items seemed ‘collectable‘ and knowing my brother (and our presently absent regular partner-in-rummage brother-in-law) were huge sports memorabilia collectors, I questioned why he’d passed over a rather expensive-looking vase.

It was a good-sized, hefty but simple crystal vase etched with the figure of nothing less than a curler releasing his stone. A rare sport and an even rarer objet d’art I thought; but in this circle if it ain’t football, baseball, or basketball it just ain’t a sport – so my brother was dubious. He also questioned whether our brother-in-law would even be interested in it. As I hemed and hawed over the price ($10.00) one of the women came over and thwacked it with her finger to make it ring – Ding! “It’s crystal.” She reminded me.

I offered: “Will you take eight bucks for it?” And all four women chimed in “It’s Crystal!”

But the woman came over and said “I’ll take nine.” I gave her a Twenty – and as she retreated to make change she said

 “And the ghost goes with it.

(Caveat Emptor, Batman!)

  “Ghost? You didn’t say anything about a ghost. Who’s ghost?”

 “My husbands’.” She replied. She said her late husband was a U.S. Navy pilot in WWII and an avid curler. They travelled extensively with his curling league. She mentioned they even went golfing in Scotland on their honeymoon, etc.; – that’s where the vase was made.

I suggested she write the back-story about the ghost or, at very least, write his name on a piece of paper so I could have some kind of provenance for this “ghost”.

  For those in-the-know,

the difference between a vase and a vahsz is: a vase is priced under five dollars.

True stories are the best kinds of stories and this story is true.

Some people may claim to have seen a ghost but how many can say they’ve actually bought one and even know his name?

If you’d like to own your very own ghost – by all means, make me an offer.

So today I bought me a crystal vahsz for eight bucks with a named ghost for a kicker: one Robert Stepp, USN.

Ghost Curling Vahsz (1)

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