Laying Over

The Politically Correct expression “co-sleeping” (resulting in the death of a child) bears the implication that blame is somehow shared by the baby. Nothing could be further from the truth.

It used to be called “laying over”. Laying over is what sows often do – ask any farmer. Farmers have specially designed pens for safely suckling the porcine young to prevent a sow from laying over and casually crushing her own piglets to death.

Not many years ago the expression “Laying Over” could be found listed as the official cause of death on a childs’ Death Certificate.

Even if we still called it laying over, it would still be a euphemism for infanticide and it would still be sweeping infanticide under the rug. Infanticide is the more historically accurate term. And yes, infanticide is murder. When the ‘economy’ sours, so too, does ‘Mother’s Milk’.

There’s plenty of blame to go around. Is it the U.S. Constitution that prevents God from entering Public Schools? No God equals no moral conscience.

Is it Hollywood that displaces even the most basic cultural norms, fills empty heads and distracts with junk entertainment?

Is it Madison Avenue that compartmentalizes humanity into isolated demographic units?

Is it the Federal Government/Two-Party System that maintains a surplus of labor and thus keeps the labor market in buyer’s mode and consequently keeps millions of lives in a constant state of crisis?

Can we blame the corrupt School Boards who at once, monopolize culture yet fails to make parenting the very cornerstone of their curriculum?

Can we blame the State Legislature for legalizing, for the convenience of the parasitic slumlord and capitalist pimp, fornication and cohabitation without a license?

Can we blame the Feminists who, in the 1960’s and ’70’s snatched babydolls from little girls’ hands saying “No sexually assigned role-modeling for you!”?

There have been many changes in the law since I was a child. Once upon a time you had to prove adultery in order to get a divorce. If a man took his shoes off in a womans’ house they were both guilty of co-habitation. Sodomy and fornication where against the law and the condom was illegal and so too was abortion. One may well think of co-sleeping as a late, late-term abortion.

They call Wisconsin “The Progressive State” but it looks more like ancient Rome day by day. And Rome, as you know, eventually fell.

This essay started out as a Letter To The Editor, but I know damned well that the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel prefers to publish brief, air-head sound-bites in response to their news stories. So I publish it here on this lonely little blog. I include a particularly disturbing newspaper clipping as an example of what’s happening now. It’s not just about drugs and poverty. It’s not just about ignorance either. Most normal two-year-olds are toddlers able to both walk and talk and raise a voiciferous fuss when in distress. They can put up a good fight.

Let's Call It Laying Over MJS Sept. 24, 2013To rehabilitate infanticide linguistically into something more palatable to the public – like simply renaming it laying over or, better still, co-sleeping – is truly slapping lipstick on a pig.

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