The Pressure Cooker

The Boston Marathon Bombing got me to thinking about the pressure cooker my mother used when I was a child. She used it quite often for canning vegetables and preparing whole meals. She could take cheap cuts of meat and tenderize them for stews or soups. I remember standing by the stove watching the “jiggler” dance. To this day I haven’t figured out how an object of the same weight could control the various pressures merely by placing it (over the vent pipe) in a different hole in the jiggler.


Why tell you this? This is a perfect allegory to life in the United States. As I’ve pointed out elsewhere, it is Government Policy to maintain a Surplus of Labor. You wage slaves are kept under pressure. There is a direct cause-and-effect connection between this policy and most of the drama you read about in the papers:


Unemployment, Homelessness, Petty Crime, Rent, Domestic Violence, Divorce, Mortgage Foreclosure, Bills, Bills, Bills, Evictions, Homicides, Suicides, Abortions, Anxiety, Depression, Child Neglect, Child Abuse, Laying Over (Infanticide) and a host of other social ills beyond number.


And all for what? To maintain a Surplus of Labor? To maintain an artificial profit margin? To maintain the delusion of superiority? To belie what the preacher said, that the rich man dieth as the poor one?


Consider the jiggler atop the pressure cooker. It is there, not to relieve the pressure but to maintain it. It vents a little from time to time to prevent (redundant?) the pressure cooker from exploding with a great, sudden blast of violence.


MIRRO-MATIC Pressure Cooker/Canner Jiggler Vent Weight MIS-9898

Democrats and Republicans collude to maintain the pressure. They have no intention of ever relieving all of the pressure. They are the jigglers who vent only the most dangerous excess of pressure. Liars all; one day they’ll miscalculate.


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