The Vanna White Awards

Please! Somebody tell me I’m not crazy! Do I understand this right? Correct me if I’m wrong but:

They went looking for nothing.

They expected to find nothing.

They subsequently found nothing.

They are pleased that they found nothing.

 And for all this they’re paid quite handsomely year after year and (to top it all off) then they win a prize‽

Who’s paying for all of this? If I were a taxpayer I’d be outraged.

 Where can I get a sweet gig like this?


The Vanna White Awards: The LUX Experiment:

The Vanna White Awards LUX Experiment Nothingness

And, out of sheer hubris, (they just couldn’t restrain themselves) they call the experiment LUX (as in luxury).


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3 Responses to The Vanna White Awards

  1. I’m assuming your “convoluted education” (read it) didn’t include particle physics, astronomy or cosmology. Dark matter is a substance that is invisible, and like other hypothesized subatomic material it’s taking time to develop an instrument sensitive enough to detect it. The LUX experiment is the closest they’ve come, and they intend to repeat it until, like the Higgs-boson particle, they are able to document it and learn its properties. Scientists have been trying to detect and document dark matter for decades. Here’s a fairly simple explanation:

  2. You’re right about my education – admittedly I’m at best a Jack of All Trades and a Master of None. But that sometimes has its advantages.

    First let me state that I believe in God; the God of all creation – The Creator. The Universe (as we know it) is governed either on a subatomic or astronomic level by direct ’cause and effect’, whether we understand it in all its particulars or not. The Ancient Greek philosophers referred to The Creator as ‘the first cause’. They also, by pure reasoning, (and without experimentation and without microscopes) inferred the existence of the atom, discreet irreducible elements, and the idea that everything is made of the same stuff – that is, light in some form.

    From my cursory reading I came to understand that a cluster of inexplicable phenomena in astronomy and particle physics was theoretically explained by the existence of a substance labeled Dark Matter. In other words, a star, planet, galaxy or other object behaved in a peculiar way that could only be explained by its interaction with something else; that something else was only called ‘Dark Matter’. The behavior in question defied the known laws of physics – mainly, cause and effect. We can divide knowledge into two categories – that which is known and that which is unknown. Dark Matter falls into the category of the unknown.

    Is it so, that all things are made of matter; or is everything made of measurable energy in some form? Could Dark Matter simply be error? If you can’t find it how do you know it even exists? It is invisible you say. It is undetectable you say. It is, however manifest. Dark Matter is theoretically something that does stuff to other stuff and is therefore manifest.

    Allow me, if you will, to find some particle of comfort in my personal ‘Hand-of-God’ theory of physics. The Bible tells us, like Dark Matter, “God is manifest in his works.” In other words: You did not create the universe; I did not create the universe; so it stands to reason that something or someone else did – that someone is of course, God.

    Now, you and I both know that every law ever written by the hand of man has been routinely broken. On the other hand, and despite some mad scientists successfully splitting the atom, the fundamental laws of physics that govern the whole universe are immutable and inviolable
    and can never, ever be broken.

    (I was once a helicopter mechanic, and I came to understand that, if you defied the laws of aerodynamic flight in any particular whatever, you would be summarily and rudely thrown to the ground.)

    Admittedly this particle physics stuff is beyond my ken (as it is with most of mankind) but I know a little about the human ego. For instance: The human ego possesses the property of a liquid in that it takes on the shape of its container. The human ego expands faster than the universe expands, e.g. Star Wars.

    It may be that this experiment merely adds to a physicist’s esoteric and academic knowledge of the universe, one small step for a man, but remembering that it was the physicists that gave us the hydrogen bomb – it may also be one giant leap to mankind’s annihilation. What is their motivation? To find God – or to be one?

    I believe there are actually two sets of physical laws at work. The first is that Law of Physics we all know (ahem) and love, that govern life, earth and the rest of the universe. The second is that Law of Physics that enforces the first. If Creation were random there would be no laws at all. I call the first set of physical laws (the laws that limit us) Earth and I call the second set Heaven. Heaven rules the Earth.

    I’ve always been uncomfortable with “The Big Bang Theory”. The Big Bang Theory is an inaccurate and perhaps even a scientifically misleading misnomer. “Bang” is onomatopoeic, implying a sound; but, remembering the old bell jar experiment from high school, sound cannot travel through a vacuum or void – sound requires a medium through which to travel. Presumably Creation started in an infinite void. Besides which, there was no ear yet created to hear this Big Bang – with the possible exception of God’s own. It seems more likely to have been a silent burst of energy, light as depicted in Genesis; again, visible perhaps only to The Eye of God.

    I’m an old man. Over the years I’ve searched and searched for and read many a story about miracles but never actually witnessed one myself. This Dark Matter stuff is, in its own way, akin to a miracle. A miracle, in my definition, is a phenomenon that, by all known natural, physical or biological laws should not occur, yet still does. You may reasonably accept or reject out of hand any and all literary reports of miracles – the stuff of books. But, as the universe is governed by, above all, cause and effect, you must, as I do, recognize a single miraculous exception to that rule – that of Creation itself.

    Creation is a miracle, a phenomenon that should not have happened yet did. Through a very long and convoluted chain of cause-and-effect events, cosmological, astrophysical, geological, chemical, biological and evolutionary, you are a part of that Creation – you are in fact a miracle.

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