My military service was actually a six year commitment. From the time I was separated (but not yet honorably discharged) from active duty in the U.S. Army I began my endless and futile search for viable employment. I remember a time when all the Help Wanted ads in the newspapers were still listed by gender and read:

Help Wanted – Male


Help Wanted – Female

(see: Richard Alton Graham, founder of NOW)

Aside from the ads in the classifieds I regularly read the newspaper’s Business Section and had my ear to the ground for job opportunities elsewhere. The city and county had public employment jobs listed on bulletin boards in their Human Resources departments.

HR (Human Resources) used to be called Personnel but that put too human a face on what is otherwise treated as a cheap piece of meat.

I took many a Civil Service Exam and scored perfect on several. As a veteran I was allotted five extra points for a total score of 105 and frequently made the top-ten candidates’ list. But I never once got called for an interview – ever.

At the time, every viable, breadwinner job fell under Affirmative Action quotas.

Yes, I said ‘quotas’.

We Are an Equal Opportunity Employer

Women and Minorities are Strongly Encouraged to Apply

 I wasted a lot of time looking for work because every breadwinner job listed with the Wisconsin Job Service was earmarked for Affirmative Action. The rest was either temporary, part-time, seasonal, Minimum Wage, or just plain exploitative crap.

On every level of the Government; City, County, State, and Federal, jobs were actually being “held open” with budget money left unspent, waiting for some minimally qualified, brainwashed bimbo (a woman or a minority) to take the job.

At the time, millions of men of every color where out of work – including some two million Vietnam War veterans, many of whom where committing suicide. Out of some twisted sense of justice 18 year-old girls were hired over 28 year-old men. While the feminists celebrated their pseudo-successes and break-down-the-barrier see-what-I-can-do milestones tens of thousands of men were quietly committing suicide. They still are as of this writing.

 This is all part of the Human Sacrifice as practiced here in America.

 For years I was receiving postcards from the Wisconsin Job Service inquiring: “Are you still looking for work?” Why, yes – yes I was, but I finally got fed up with this nonsense and added a note to the business reply card; something to the effect of: “I’ve been receiving these postcards from you for the past seven years. In all that time I’ve never once gotten a job through the Wisconsin Job Service. As far as I’m concerned you are all a bunch of worthless whoremongers.”

My reading was and is eclectic. “Whoremonger” or pimp if you will, is something I just picked up along the way.

Apparently my use of this term “Whoremonger” sent a shockwave of self-recognition through the Job Service bureacracy. They realized exactly what it was that they were doing. I subsequently received a letter (I wish I’d kept it) notifying me that I was forever banned from the Wisconsin Job Service.

I mentioned this to a VA Outreach  Counselor I’d been dealing with and he said:

“They can’t do that!”

“Well, they just did.

One thing I noted and it really frustrated me was the fact that, although the Wisconsin Job Service was a statewide agency, in Milwaukee County they listed only City of Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, State of Wisconsin and Federal job openings.

There happens to be 72 counties in the State of Wisconsin. Milwaukee is only one. Given what I know of nepotism, cronyism and spoils; one can safely assume the rest of the states’ county and local governments were not subject to the ravages and discord of Affirmative Action – from minorities at least.

Not listing their county, town, village or city jobs with the state Job Service was just a huge favor to the old pols. But from my perspective it was an insurmountable obstacle to my ever escaping Affirmative Action in Milwaukee. Applying for jobs by visiting each and every county seat was logistically impossible. I’m not so self-centered as that; scapegoat and sacrifice that I am; but the Wisconsin Job Service policy of listing only local employment under Affirmative Action also contained the negro within these same confines.

Imagine if they had listed every job under Affirmative Action quotas! The entire State of Wisconsin would have been literally peppered with Negroes.

Affirmative Action. Civil Rights. Good Intentions. Hypocrisy. If one were to consider The Civil Rights Movement as a revolution – and indeed it was from the point of view of The Establishment – Feminism was the counter-revolution. Instead of righting wrongs of longstanding, all the good intentions, good will, empathy, sympathy, compassion and even pity was turned on its head. Instead of freeing the oppressed, uplifting the poor (both black and white); all of the mass and momentum of this revolution was diverted to an endless pity party for white women who neither needed nor even wanted a job (and had to be brainwashed) and whose only real suffering stemmed from the occasional bout of menstrual cramps and ennui.


That’s what I called them.

That’s what I said.

This is a true story.

I got into a bit of a dust-up with the folks at Wiktionary regarding the definition of feminism. Feminism is so nuanced as to defy a simple definition. Rooted historically as it is in the Abolitionist (anti-slavery) Movement, it has now become a bridge too far.

Feminism has segued and morphed from abolition to women’s’ suffrage to labor rights tinged with communism/socialism through the pill (birth control, ZPG) to sexual liberation/perversion to lesbianism (homosexuality) to gender reassignment and came full circle to that troglodyte stage of social development where single motherhood has once again become the default norm.

A bridge too far indeed.

The Public Library is full of books. Books are full of half-baked ideas. Communism is based on equality, Comrade. There was no victory in The Cold War. Communism was not defeated. Communism failed. Communism failed all on its own and for one simple reason: the human ego abhors equality. Like men, women too, have egos – ergo sum: women abhor equality. And thus, feminism fails.

Capitalism is neither a form of government nor an economic system. Capitalism is the default condition of proprietary greed and self-interest. Like jackals, It is the exploitation of any mental, physical and moral weakness. It never works out well for all.

As an economist might say: human labor is a commodity or good; feminism is but a substitute good. Capitalist whoremongering is undeniably a large part of the history and veritable definition of feminism.

Feminism is still defined as a cult in the old dictionaries – you can look it up.

The struggle for equality is essentially a lie.

A rich woman would never give up her maidservant’s service for the sake of her maid.

Curtsy before the Queen with downcast eyes. You are hardly her equal.

She could not, would not give up her servants for the sake of their social equality.

The Empress wants no part with any perceived equality.

She emancipated her people (the slaves) in her Will. She no longer required them.

Feminism: Girls Gone Wild!

If you believe the strangers on television are your family and friends then perhaps you do deserve to be brainwashed and enslaved.

 It is nothing but a ‘con’ game and they still have your ‘con’-fidence.

The struggle for equality is essentially a lie.

Equality is a ridiculous notion and both an unwanted and unattainable goal. Otherwise impossible, The only way feminists could achieve even a modicum of equality is if women committed suicide at the same rate as the men. In this they remain unequal.

WWII style dog tags

WWII style dog tags

The Mass Media amplifies ideas.

 Feminism was and is a radical fringe, ignorant, media amplified ideology allegedly dedicated to (the Sisyphean task of gaining) sexual and socio-economic equality. They lie like Communists.

In their heart-of-hearts, women generally don’t really want to be equal; not to you, not to me, and just as surely, not to each other. Any seventh-grade schoolgirl knows this.

I hesitate to write of these things for the sake of the ones I love most. The truth hurts – it’s brutal – it cuts like a knife; but you can’t build anything lasting on a foundation of lies.

In the 1960’s and ’70’s, some men where drafted and sent off to war, and at the same time women were brainwashed and sent off to work. I can only report from my own personal experience.


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