The Two-Party System

A long time ago, and on an entirely different matter, SCOTUS, the Supreme Court of The United States ruled that anything less than three competitors constitutes a monopoly.

 Ergo Sum:The Two-Party System is a monopoly.

 You, The Elector, are like a drunken co-ed at a frat party. While the Democrats have their way with you the Republicans stand by, watching, laughing, and making shame-shame gestures with their fingers.

When you become tired and angry and enraged enough to throw off the Democrats, you have no one to run to but the Republicans.

And while the Republicans have you locked in their savage embrace, the Democrats look on smiling, and making the same shame-shame gestures at the Republicans.

While outraged voters can sometimes oust a whole slate of Democrats from elected office (or vice-versa), – it’s only the Republicans or their counterparts waiting in the wings. A little patience, and we’ll have at you once again.

 Basically, you’re screwed.

 Too few voters even know that they can write-in their own candidates. The hardest part of winning an election is in just getting your name on the ballot.

There are those who proclaim themselves independent voters; but who do they actually vote for? They vote for a Democrat one time and then vote for a Republican the next. They say they don’t vote the Party Line but they vote for the individual. But if all the candidates on the election ballot are either Democrats or Republicans they wind up voting for party members anyway. The only logical way to be a truly independent voter is to vote for independent candidates and independent candidates only.

Millionaire Democrats and Millionaire Republicans have more in common with each other than with the likes of me and you. They try to portray themselves as much as possible as differentiated and adversarial, but when the Democrats are in power (at any level of government) they never quite undo what the Republicans have done; and when the Republicans are in power (at any level of government) they never quite undo what the Democrats have done. One hand washes the other….

In order to completely uproot a political party you must first drive all party members from publicly elected offices, but even then you would still have, because of nepotism, cronyism and spoils, half the total bureaucracy as members of the very same party; and even if you fired half the government what you have left is still the OTHER party. You’re still screwed.

I’ve never received an invitation to either party – chances are, neither have you. They don’t want your input, they just want your vote. All their campaigning is just aimed at getting re-elected – not recruiting new party members.

Scandal heaped upon scandal, neither party will ever just fade away. You have no other real choices in the two-party system. You can never win because they can’t really lose.



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