Those Who Would Serve God

I was standing out on the front porch the other afternoon having a smoke and thinking about a knife fight I’d had with a neighbor a long time ago when I was a kid

(a story for another time perhaps).

The weather was cold, dreary and damp. It had snowed just a trace that morning but the temperature rose slightly and then a light drizzle of rain began to fall. Given the weather of the last few trying weeks the whole neighborhood has great heaps of snow piled high, here, there, and everywhere, and with deep, icy, compacted snowbanks lining the streets, and the sidewalks then were all wet, slushy and uncertain.

The rush hour was just beginning and the pace of the traffic on the corner was picking up. I noticed a man sitting in an electric wheelchair waiting in the roadbed across the intersection, looking for a break in the traffic, watching, watching, hesitant, estimating the timing and daring himself to make a mad dash in his wheelchair across through the increasing traffic. He was sitting on the wrong side of the road. A tow truck pulled up to the stop sign just off to his right. The tow driver quickly recognized the man’s dilemma and flipped on his amber emergency lights. He pulled his tow truck right into the middle of the intersection and stopped momentarily, thereby halting all oncoming traffic. The man in the wheelchair sped quickly across beside him. Keeping an eye on the wheelchair, the tow driver drove slowly parallel to the chair, sort of mothering him and waiting until the fellow in the wheelchair took off down the alley and was safely out of the street.

As the tow truck rolled by our house, on impulse I stood at Attention and snapped the driver an ernest hand salute. I’m almost certain he saw it as he nodded as he drove off.

There are those who say they would serve God. But to those who say they would serve him I say God is bored with your pious, obsequious, ritualistic mumblings and turns up his nose at the stench your incense.

God is almighty and doesn’t need your help – but from time to time some of his children might.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 68
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