Bananas For Sale

Hanging Tough - Bananas Hang On Garage Two Years

Hanging Tough – Bananas Hang On Garage Two Years

It’s Official. The bananas on the garage have been hanging there for two full years now. I’d like to sell them on eBay but I’m disinclined to put forth that much effort because I doubt I’d get rich by doing so.

(see my post “Bananas”)

I would settle for just finding them a “good home”. By “good home” I mean an organic chemist willing to analyze them scientifically to find out just why it is that they haven’t rotted away quickly like normal bananas.

I suspect they were accidentally doused with some kind of chemical preservative, an insecticide perhaps, an herbicide, a fungicide, or whatever, to prevent the growth of bacteria or mold.

These bananas have withstood the high heat and humidity of two summers and the wind, rain, snow and bitter cold of two winters.

Who knows? These desiccated and mummified bananas may well hold the key to immortality.

Life as it is is a mysterium tremendum, and I’ve always been reluctant to use the term “unnatural”, but for a couple of bananas hanging around outdoors two years – well,

It just ain’t natural.




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