On Transponders, Wi-Fi and Paranoia

My HP Pavilion 560w PC is now twelve years old!

HP Pavilion 560w

HP Pavilion 560w

How very interesting. You know how an electric motor is the exact opposite of a generator? Or an audio speaker is the exact opposite of a microphone. They have all the same components.

I have a confession to make: When I first got this PC I was so suspicious of it (and having read too much about 007 spyware) that I actually sat down in front of it and gave it a lengthy speech – even BEFORE I plugged it in.

I figure if the transponder on our house gas meter can transmit information using only RF energy (no batteries) picked up from the ambient air and send data to a passing van or all the way downtown, there’s really no telling what’s actually inside this beast.

 Some day that speech will show up on the Internet.

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