The Soccer Match

A long time ago when my son was a child I forbade him from ever attending a soccer game. My reasoning is quite simple. I’ve been reading the newspaper for over forty years now and soccer has always been associated in my memory with deadly stampedes. While such stampedes may be triggered by different incidents, what is sometimes referred to as hooliganism (a term of Irish derivation) is universally associated with the sport.

Soccer appeals to the lowest common denominator of society. It is a simple game, meaning, while very physically athletic in terms of stamina, it is hardly cerebral. It is neither complex nor expensive. You really only need a ball to play soccer. Soccer might well be described as ‘polo for the poor’. Poverty and illiteracy promulgates anti-social, emotional, illogical, and childish, if not to say criminal behavior. As a professional sport it appeals to the poorest and most desperate as perhaps their only hope of escape from grinding poverty. Soccer fans apparently have a higher level of emotional investment while at the same time less self-control.

High in adrenaline but very low in strategy, soccer is hardly a thinking man’s game. No other sport is so closely associated with gangsterism, spontaneous mob violence, panic, trampling and murder.

Soccer Stampede Congo May 11, 2014


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