Tar Spot

It’s Spring at last and the leaves on our young SuperForm Maple have now fully opened. For some time though, because of the weather, the leaves remained limp, hesitant and shy. So this morning I noticed they opened, stretched forth in all their green glory and I snapped a picture. SuperForm Maple Tree Sans Tar Spot 2014 001Seems kind of silly to take a picture of nothing but maple leaves but I wanted to capture the image before Tar Spot set in.

I like green. Green is good. May well be my favorite color. Did I tell you I liked green? Anyway . . . .

For the past several years our tree has been blighted with Tar Spot.

Tar Spot (4)

Those in the know, biologists, foresters, tree surgeons and so forth – the experts – say that Tar Spot is “unsightly but harmless”.

I would prefer to not have it rather than to have it, Thank You. While there is no proper cure for Tar Spot (at least, not an economical one) the best suggestion I’ve found to get rid of Tar Spot is to rake thoroughly in the fall so as to eliminate as much of the spore as possible.

They say Tar Spot is “unsightly but harmless”.

That sounds like me when I turned 40.


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