My First Crush

I’ve changed my mind. I’m not going to tell you about my first crush. I intended to, but things just didn’t work out as planned. It’s partially my fault and partially the fault of WordPress. I set up a poll on this blog a long time ago but I’ve been sorely disappointed in the resultant lack of response. The page containing the poll got shuffled back into the pack of older postings and there it sits gathering dust.

“Having a Crush” on someone is an idiom that’s been puzzling me since Junior High School – when most of us hit puberty (or was it puberty hit us?) It was in the 7th Grade when I’d first heard the expression “Having a Crush”. Someone would sidle up to you and whisper: “(So-and-so) has a crush on you.” Or you’d be accused and taunted about having a crush on somebody else. The question that instantly formed in my mind back then and still hangs in the air to this very day is this: “What exactly gets crushed?” There are myriad words to describe an infatuation or an attraction to a specific member of the opposite sex, so why “crush”?

I set up my poll in a quasi-scientific manner so as to isolate the particular part or region of the body that experiences the “crush”.

I had hoped to receive at least 1000 anonymous clicks to reveal a distribution curve of responses. I included choices that are snarky and vague for those who are inclined so to be. I got practically nothing.

Psychology flows from the physical body in many subtle ways. You may have heard of pheromones – nearly undetectable scents emitted from both male and female bodies as an attractant for the opposite sex? Where do they come from? How do they work? Some authors riff on the topic in the generalist of terms saying things like: “The teen years (puberty) are emotionally volatile and crazy, bouncing, up, down, and sideways – awash in hormones.” If the scientists don’t know everything about these things how much can we? So don’t complain to me about that lump-in-the-bed beside you, you were never in charge.

The libido is both an extension of and an exception to the ego. Egos are nominally hostile. Sex hormones are trucial. What? “The Battle of the Sexes” (egos) rages on continually except for the occasional libidinous truce.

No. I’m not going to tell you about my first crush – but if my poll gets a thousand hits I might just change my mind.

Here is the poll:
May I ask you a rather personal question?

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