To Hell and Back

For what it’s worth:

My brother was a medical corpsman in the U.S. Army stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington. While there (1954) he and his outfit participated in filming a scene from Audie Murphy’s autobiographical movie “To Hell and Back” (1955). He’s been looking for a particular trailer ever since.

A trailer is a Hollywood misnomer for a short snippet of film shown in theaters days or weeks in advance of the actual run in that theatre. It’s essentially an advertisement shown prior to the feature film.

(Remember Double-Features or even Triple-Features?)

The trailer hypes the movie with voice-over and screamer text and briefly highlights action/romance scenes from the film (as if Audie Murphy needed it).

This particular scene shows masses of soldiers marching in formation, Passing in Review. Some of the insignia was altered (Hollywood) to match Murphy’s authentic unit designations and my brother and his fellow medical corpsmen had on maroon scarves and wore their Red Cross brassards on their right arms rather than the regulatory left – just for the sake of the film.

The problem? The scene he and his buddies were in was only on the trailer and not part of the distributed film. We have the book and copies of the film in both VHS and DVD formats.

The scene is quickly (too quickly) obscured by a screamer headline in red lettering:

Starts Wednesday

So, if you know somebody who knows somebody who might know where to find the trailer – please let me know. It means a lot to my brother.

P.S. If you find it, he’s 4th man in – 4th man back.

By the way, I myself was a rioter in a Riot Control training film shot at Ft. Rucker, Alabama in early 1969. It’s highly unlikely I’ll ever see that one (I never did get to see it) – but it surely would be a treat.

To Hell and Back DVD


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