The Time Warp

I am captain of my ship
I am king of my castle
I am master of all I survey

Hypothetically at least

(Really, it’s all in my head.)

It is the bane of my existence that penury should compel me to coexist with my archenemy – television. The enemy in the gate. I have never owned a television receiver nor would I even allow one in my home. I’m far too aware for that.

But given my compromised circumstance I must confess that I have, and still do, from time to time, take up the television remote (my brother’s) to check out the latest garbage the corporate sponsors are spewing out onto their naive, eager, zombie victims.

Some time ago I was skimming listlessly through the channels and lit upon some talk show or other. An audience member, a negro boy (you might call him a “black man”), a shave-tail all of 18 years of age, was holding a microphone and saying he’d been ‘oppressed’ for 450 years. I thought to myself: “Oppressed? Why you punk. I’ve been unemployed longer then you’ve been sucking wind.” (I have no idea where he got that figure.)

He handed the microphone over to a wizened old woman. She said she was a Jew and “we’ve been oppressed for 2000 years.” Granted she was an old turkey-neck, but still, she didn’t look a day over fifteen-hundred.

I took a year of World History at Marquette University and I’ve also read innumerable books, magazine articles, newspapers, etc., in an eclectic, catholic, and sometimes desperate search for wisdom and truth; and if I took personal offense at every injustice or every foul deed I’d ever read about I’d be a basket case of outrage and fuming hatred.

It must be agony to feel the sting of the lash that never once actually touched your body. I’ve never made such illogical attributions.

They read a few textbooks and all they really learn is how to hate.

I was born in 1950 and I categorically deny responsibility for anything that happened prior to that. In that year I may have pooped my diaper once or twice and I may even have puked on my mother’s breast – but busy myself oppressing the negroes and Jews from that time to this, – that, I never did. I have never been in a position to hire or fire anyone or to deny service to or discriminate against anyone. But I’ve lived the whole of my adult life under the onus and yoke of Affirmative Action.

I am the scapegoat and whipping boy for others, taking blame for the whole of man’s inhumanity to man.

The whole universe is ordered by cause and effect but the minds of these men (and women) are warped; warped as to time, warped as to place, warped and disjointed as to simple cause and effect.

I think ignorance deserves to be oppressed.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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