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In the spring of 1974 I attended Milwaukee Area Technical College (MATC) full time under the so-called G.I. Bill of Rights. The year was hectic in so many ways; I was also working full time at a dirty job for the minimum wage. I took one high school level course just for the sake of completion (as I’d had a GED equivalency from 1968) and the rest were college-level courses. One of those courses was in Mass Communications.

In Mass Communications we were told up front that most people don’t pursue it as a profession because most people ultimately find it to be “morally repugnant”.

While there are several types of mass communications such as newspapers, magazines, billboards, mass mailings, etc., even sky-writing, the two most effective forms are radio and television; and broadcast advertising is essentially brainwashing.

It was ever my intent to write a scholarly piece on brainwashing techniques, among those being isolation, repetition, fatigue, stress, fear, drugs, etc.; but suffice it to say that the key to successful brainwashing is simple hands-off repetition. Yes. Repetition. And broadcast advertising is just that: repetition. You see (or hear) the same advertisement over and over and over again until the message is chemically burned into your neural cells’ synapses. And that is hardly an exaggeration.

In our classwork in Mass Communications we viewed television commercials over and over again, analyzing and discussing every aspect of the film. Every aspect of an ad is scientifically, statistically calculated. We observed and discussed everything from frequency, duration, brightness, time of airing, target audiences, the psychology of color, volume, casting by type, characterization, dialog, voice-over, on-screen text, and a host of other nuances such as camera angle, focus, scenery, background, etc..

Technically, there is no such thing as a subliminal message. That would be something below the threshold of (AV) conscious perception. Instead, everything they do is right there before you – you’re just not paying attention to it. While repetition is key, it must, at very least, register within the brain.

So it was only natural that, at the end of the day, I would go home, watch some television and consciously for the first time, analyze and realize the advertisements. I even observed others as they watched, their faces lit only by the glow of the CRT (cathode ray tube). I observed the differences in volume and noise frequency between the programming and the advertising. I observed little children turn their heads toward the television in response to subtile changes in these and other things.

It was back then, 1974 that I felt Madison Avenue had over-stayed their welcome in the American home. Although the Mass Media was, in fact, manipulating the populace from the very beginning of its invention, I believed at the time that they had over-stepped their bounds and were no longer just selling cars and refrigerators as in the ’50’s or ’60’s – but were deliberately selling a socio-economic, ideological and political agenda – brainwashing the people. These messages weren’t the run-of-the-mill political ads of “Vote for Me and I’ll Set You Free”; instead of asking politely for your vote, their agenda was embedded in commercial advertisements for otherwise ordinary and humdrum household products. If “The Fairness Doctrine” was in play or if they had to account for all monies spent for political advertisements they successfully managed to work around all that.

I’ve never had the resources to collect or document the things I’ve witnessed over the years. But, from the time I took that course in Mass Communications my entire world view has taken a very different tack. I witnessed several feminist brainwashing advertising campaigns running simultaneously.

For example, in the national dust-up over passage of the Equal Rights Amendment they (the sponsors) even created a liquid detergent called “Era” specifically to get their message across, and countless times used it to spell it out in a liquid cursive text across the screen, E-R-A, E-R-A, E-R-A, under the noses of millions of housewives. The Equal Rights Amendment ultimately failed passage and was forgotten, why? Because it would have rendered Affirmative Action patently unconstitutional.

Given all that I’d observed at the time I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that the so-called Women’s Liberation Movement was not the result of a ground-swell of discontent on the part of otherwise apolitical women (that is chronic); but the result of mass media propaganda campaigns; in a word: pimping.

“For of this sort are they which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden with sins, led away with divers lusts, ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.”
– 2 Timothy ch.3, vs. 6/7

The sudden flood of women into the already glutted labor market set off a round of inflation – prices rose sharply and wages were even rolled back; and this inflation acted as a siphon – sucking even the most sensible, otherwise morally upright and intelligent women, who were reluctant to leave their children, right out of their homes and into the labor market. Two-income households were at first a seeming bonus – just “getting ahead”; they then became more of a necessity just to buy a modest home or even to pay rent. Feminism doubled the labor supply practically overnight. By entering the labor market, these women who would normally be stay-at-home wives and mothers supported solely by their husbands cheapened themselves – according to the Economic Law of Supply and Demand. They cheapened themselves; they cheapened their husbands; and they cheapened their children for generations to come.

Feminism is a cult; my dictionary tells me this is so. Feminism is mass media brainwashing; my formal education tells me this is so. Feminism is an economic and social disaster; cut and paste family portraiture tells me this is so. Feminism is a cultural disaster with fathers in prison amd mothers at work and babies abandoned to daycare. If sexual equality had been discussed over the back fence it would have been dismissed as foolishness; but you can’t win an argument with a television.

Feminism is, always has been, and always will be a radical fringe cult predicated upon layers of foolish nonsense. Feminism is nonsense magnified by the mass media to seduce and enslave women and leverage feeble-minded men.

The deeper one digs into the history of the United States the darker and uglier it gets. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were written by contemptable hypocrites. They spoke high-mindedly of liberty and equality while at the same time the roots of their own lives were steeped in slavery and luxurious inheritence.

Equality is nonsense. Sexual Equality is nonsense. Feminism is nonsense magnified.

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