The Husband

Architects and engineers share a common expression when things fall apart or blow up in their faces: it’s “back to the drawing board” – in order to start from scratch.

(‘scratch’ meaning ‘nothing’) We can also “revisit the question.

A long time ago one of my brothers was looking to earn a Boy Scout Merit Badge in “Animal Husbandry”. Husbandry – interesting term, that. What is husbandry or what is a husband? Furthermore, what is “a good husband”?

Never mind their ultimate fate, my brother raised rabbits. The term animal husbandry can be applied in conjunction with cattle, sheep, goats, geese, chickens and a myriad of other living things.

(The term husbandman, akin to herdsman, is indicative of a farmer.)

Husbandry is a role, a relationship and responsibility for something or someone else. A husband is a protector and provider for that which is in his charge. A good husband will keep the fox out of the henhouse. A good husband provides food, water and shelter and does those many other things which together promotes the well-being of the living creatures in his charge. Whether a creature is domesticated, semi-domesticated or even wild-in-captivity it is, more often than not, vitally dependent upon the husband doing his due diligence.

To depend means to hang on (cf., a pendulum); and to be vitally dependent means that it is a matter of life or death. And another word to describe being a husband is as a caretaker.

When a man took on the socio-economic role of husband his wife became his dependent. If they had children they too, became dependent. In modern times, when a woman takes on work outside the home she is soon, dependent on her income, said to be “independent”; but that is a logical fallacy. We all have dependencies, whether we like it or not, including husbands.

Like Tarzan swinging from vine to vine, the so-called “independent woman” swings from dependency on her husband to dependency on her employer or boss. The term: “employ” means “to use” and thus the so-called “independent woman” swings from dependency upon a caretaker to dependance upon a user. Which is the better?

In our Sunday School lessons we were taught that marriage was a sacred bond (symbolized with rings) and a religious vocation. Being a good husband and father was the manner in which we served God.

Feminism has completely overthrown the role of husband. Husbands today are an endangered species. The socio-economic impact of the influx of women into the labor market has disqualified most men from the role of husband. Most young men today are raised, not by parents or church, but by pop-culture and are disqualified simply due to ignorance, and the minimum wage renders husbandry absolutely economically absurd.

If a young woman goes looking for a husband in this day and age, she’d be hard-pressed in finding one in any traditional sense of the word.

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