Gay Marriage

The mass media/judicial dust-up regarding gay marriage has provoked me to add my two-cents worth to the argument. Having already dealt with the linguistic silliness underlying so-called homosexuality, I have but a few more comments to make.

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Dear Dear Abby says: “They’re born that way.” Nah. If that’s true how can you explain the fact that all, and I mean ‘all’, of the so-called homosexuals have, of necessity, so-called heterosexual parents? Genetically, Sodomites cannot procreate. If there was such a thing as a “gay gene” it would die out with the first generation in which it appeared. Evolution is trans-generational.

You can’t talk back to your television; therefore you can’t question or correct the faulty reasoning of the mass media propagandists. You can write a letter to the editor of the local paper in protest of their errors – but will they publish it? That mea culpa is not forthcoming.

The media, in dealing with the issue of gay marriage centers on the constitutional or civil rights arguments but gives short shrift to the list of marriage benefits these people are actually seeking: tax breaks, insurance coverage, inheritance and so forth. Imagine two single, otherwise straight, misanthropic women (or straight, misogynist men) jumping on the gay marriage band wagon just for the sake of obtaining government benefits.

The problem: Anyone can simply say they are gay. There is no logical way to prove or disprove it. Go ahead – try it. Imagine some county clerk, judge or magistrate demanding you prove you’re gay. Straight people can perform deviant acts too. In other words, they can fake being gay. So-called homosexuals are not a quantifiable subcategory of humanity. Women who claim to be oppressed can at least be identified and counted as women. Minorities can also be identified and counted administratively.

It is painting with a broad brush to say all women are oppressed and in need of Affirmative Action or that all minorities are oppressed, but unless you proclaim it, who’s to know you’re an oppressed homosexual?

And what part of “Marriage License” do these people not understand? The current confusion about marriage is entirely understandable, given that Feminism has overthrown the traditional role of husband, thus decapitating and destroying the family. The churning lawyers are slow to rationally codify irrational passions. They seem to have forgotten the meaning of “license”. The Law is a singularity; one part cannot contradict another. Like any other “license” issued, it represents the government’s – permission – to cohabit, engage in sex, and procreate state recognized “legitimate” children. The “Marriage License” precludes adultery, fornication and cohabitation; but the restrictions imposed by this licensing hasn’t been seriously enforced in decades.

The Marriage License as it now stands is minimal in scope and largely ignored until proprietary issues arise, as in dividing property in the event of divorce; inheritance or pensions, insurance, who gets the dog and so forth. There are several rational arguments for greater restrictions on obtaining a marriage license and consequently really and truly enforcing them.

Some of the arguments for greater restrictions involve the health of subsequent children such as Rh compatibility, venereal disease, HIV, and maternal infections that can cause birth defects. But blood tests aren’t even done anymore. There is no minimal intelligence test either. So long as you’re over the arbitrary chronological age of 18 and not closer in blood than second cousins and pay the fee, you can get a Marriage License. And I’m sure you have seen or at least heard of parents who should be naturally disqualified. You need a license to drive a car, catch a fish, practice law or engage in a host of other economic and social activities. A license is a restriction; at least it’s supposed to be.

There is no DNA test that can identify you either as a færie or a tax swindler. Your very existence proves your parents were straight enough at least, to give you life, but you, on the other hand, can’t prove you are what you say you are. It’s all in your head.

Historically, gay marriage comes hard on the heels of the Feminist Movement. That “movement” of course, is the mass movement of women out of a warm home and into the cold labor market. This doubled the labor supply overnight and devalued the worker by more than half. In mathematics one plus one equals two; but in the economics of the labor market, one plus one equals less than one.

There are certain constants in the human equation – some things that never change, like hunger and thirst, the need of shelter, etc.. One key constant is the human libido. But doubling the labor supply and cheapening working class people did nothing to reduce the rent, the mortgage, the cost of food or anything else; and the human libido stayed basically the same. But gay marriage is not about love or perverted lust, but rather, it is about pragmatic economics – it’s about money.

Feminism detonated the nuclear family. In the midst of the chaos millions and millions of people sought divorce. While some women may have seemingly landed on their feet, most found themselves in even worse straits. Their grown children, gun-shy from their parents disastrous marriages and reluctant and/or economically unable to take the plunge themselves, sought alternative arrangements in their relationships, sexual or otherwise.

Divorce makes one bitter, but economic  necessity compels; so many of these shattered families were pasted back together in haste, again and again, causing yet more chaos and still more bitterness.

Another constant in the human equation is the inescapable process of aging. You are no longer young, strong and handsome – attractive to women; or you are old, fat and wrinkled and men won’t even give you a second glance. You become trapped; a serial divorcé or divorcée, caught between spouses (as in being ‘between’ jobs).

But the economics won’t change; it is, after all, a natural law. And the libido won’t change – it’s biological. Tinker as you may with the human equation and the human condition, most things can never be changed.

As for gay couples seeking a marriage license, they neither know nor understand their own sexuality; they neither know nor understand what love is; and surely they know nothing at all about marriage. It’s about money. It’s about economics. It’s about property.

The corporate mass media ignores the economic aspect because it’s their fault. It was they who started the movement.

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