Paying the Syntax

I saw a sign on the wall at the VA the other day. It read:

“Thank You for Serving Our Country”

At first glance I thought the syntax was somehow wrong. I thought perhaps it should more properly read:

“Thank You for Serving YOUR Country”

On second thought, though, they had it right; as I own neither stick nor stone of any of it.

I should reply:

“You’re Welcome. I’m proud to have served YOUR country.”

(voice dripping with sarcasm)

A “country”, meh, is more of a place, a “nation” more of a disjointed political entity, but I think they were referring to the United Estates. As I’ve pointed out elsewhere for political clarification, the proper spelling of the republic founded in 1776 should be

“The United Estates of America”

A man owns an estate (or does it own him?); a group of estates joined politically can form, for instance,

“The Great (E)state(S) of Wisconsin”

These several states in turn form the United States of America. But that’s still not really what the sign is actually saying.

If you are frustrated, confused and even baffled by the actions of the U. S. Congress the cause is not far to seek. They do not represent the people of their respective districts or states. What they do represent is the United Estates, i.e., the ‘UE’.

Politically and economically we are so entangled with other nations and states that, for all practical purposes most borders simply don’t exist. Consider the IMF (International Monetary Fund), the several international banks and multi-national corporations and so forth. There are individual magnates and corporations that do business and own property in most if not all geo-political entities; they are global in scope.

Consider IBM, consider McDonald’s, consider JPMorgan Chase, and a host of other corporations. Consider the likes of Paris Hilton, heiress to the Hilton Hotels chain with hotels in practically every major city in the world.

These are the magnates, these are the corporate investors, heirs and heiresses that form the UE (United Estates).

Who does Congress ultimately represent? Not the people; not even the states that elect them; neither do they represent merely the United Estates of America. Rather, they represent the whole, foreign United Estates.

The sign read:

“Thank You for Serving Our Country”

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