A Thin Veneer Indeed

Humanity, Culture and Civilization are all but a thin veneer. At bottom we are in fact animals; we are motivated by our base instincts. If our humanity, culture and civilization is not carefully nurtured from one generation to the next, we are quickly reduced to the basest forms of animal behavior and worse. I need not travel far to bear witness to the deterioration and decay of our humanity, culture and civilization – in fact, I don’t even need to leave my front porch.

The reader may doubt the following as it is your privilege so to do; but I say only that it is an earnest attempt to clearly and as simply as possible describe what happened before my very eyes just this afternoon:

I’d laid out my things and was waiting for the water-heater to heat up in order to take a bath. While I was waiting for the water to warm I stepped out on the porch for a last cigarette before entering the tub. I sat upon a little side bench and was idly enjoying the warm spell of afternoon weather. The streets all around, for that time of day, were otherwise empty and altogether quiet, but as I looked around I spotted a man, just down the block, rounding the corner across the street, walking his dog. As he proceeded along on the other side of the street I noted he had a pit bull tugging the leash. As he walked abreast of me he glanced at me furtively from the corner of his eye. I thought to myself: “At least he has his (pit bull) on a leash – not like that idiot next door.” (The neighbor who illegally lets his pit bull run loose.) I looked to my cigarette, I looked to the sky. I heard barking. I looked toward the dog across the street. I thought: “What the hell is he barking at?” I looked all around and saw nothing and no one. I heard more barking and looked back at the dog. I suddenly realized the dog wasn’t barking at all. It never had. It was, in fact, the young (man) doing the barking. How very strange! And, stranger still, as he approached the far corner he turned and looked directly at me, smiled and briefly lowered his pants – exposing his naked behind. As he rounded the corner he smiled once again, gave one more gleeful bark, and just disappeared.

Humanity, Culture and Civilization are all but a thin veneer.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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