It’s 0° Fun Lovin’ Degrees

It is now 0° fun lovin’ degrees with a Wind Chill of -30° Fahrenheit.

I’m angry. This old house isn’t exactly cozy to begin with but I’m warm enough. I’m angry because I’m aware of all the homeless people out there in this cold, cold, heartless city. I’m angry and frustrated because there’s nothing I can do for them. I’m angry because there are those who can do something for them but won’t. The only thing I can do is pray for the homeless out there in this bitter cold.

And one more thing – I can invite you to pray for them too.

Fahrenheit or Celsius, we are all far colder than we should be.

We are all far less than we should be.


– 0° fun lovin’ degrees –

– after WOKY Radio DJ Carl “Sweet Bippy” Como c.1968


About The Twentieth Man

Age 68
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