Candles In The Wind

Winter in Wisconsin. February 2015. I went out on the porch with my morning cup o’ coffee in hand and as I looked vacantly about I took a first sip.

I turned and suddenly choked and nearly did a “spit take” and started laughing. Our snowman bird feeder has a runny nose.

Candles in The Wind February 9, 2015 002Candles in The Wind February 9, 2015 014

It harkened to a time in my childhood when someone would spot a kid with a runny nose and notify the parent-in-charge or teacher that so-and-so has “candles” and needed a wipe. Ew!

Furthermore, when I was just starting out in kindergarten and the kids would erroneously refer to me as ‘Dwayne’ instead of ‘Wayne’ I would bristle and take immediate exception because Dwayne (that other kid) always seemed to have ‘candles’ and a constantly runny nose.

He was one of those icky little kids who were said to be charter members of

“The Loyal Order of The Silver Sleeve”.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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