What Do You Mean, Cuckold?

What do I mean by cuckold? What do I mean by a Cuckold Nation?

I should get the Nobel Prize for this. I probably won’t but I still think I deserve one. The Nobel Prize in Economics to be exact. I’ve made a great discovery in economics. And this is it:

The term “husband” implies a dependent wife.

The term “wife” implies a supporting husband.

If you are in the market for the cheapest labor available you must always hire a wife rather than a husband.

Owing to the very nature of the dependency relationship between a husband and a wife the husband subsidizes the wife and that differential is passed on to the wifes’ employer as savings.

Virtually everything you say or do has an economic component.

Virtually everything you say or do has deep economic implications.

Traditionally the term “cuckold” describes the husband of a cheating wife. It describes an adulterous, sexual relationship with a third party – another man. But it is hardly a stretch to say (as I have elsewhere) that a man is a cuckold when another man has the use of his wife. I use the term “use” in only a semi-euphemistic manner as such because on the primary level actual sexual intercourse may or may not occur between your wife and her employer, although it frequently does. On the secondary level sex still comes into play as the profit he gains from the employment of your wife allows him to afford to support his own superior “trophy” wife.

What we have is an entire nation of men (or should I say “empire” of men), a whole generation, that have been methodically convinced – brainwashed – into believing that having a working wife is either “no big deal” economically (as I’ve pointed out elsewhere) or a positive profitable good. They think they are “ahead” somehow. You can’t get ahead by doing what everyone else is doing.

In taking the measure of their success people often use the wrong yardstick. A man with a breadwinner job is surely better off then a man who is homeless and unemployed. And a man with a working wife is relatively better off than a man without one. A man (or woman) with an hereditary estate is better off than a working man.

Comparisons of any kind generally are wildly inaccurate due to individual circumstance and differing starting points. But consider measuring self against self.

If every American male followed tradition and had simply gotten married and kept his wife at home – that is to say, removed her from the labor market, would he be better or worse off than he is now? According to the Law of Supply and Demand he would quite naturally be better off today.

That would be measuring self against self on a grand scale.

Anecdotally, when people got married the first major purchase they made as a couple was usually a bed – because sex was important at that point in their lives. The second major purchase was usually a television. If they could afford it they bought themselves a house. This is where it gets sticky. In the apparently global shift from the one-income household to the two-income household a house somehow got lost.

Between television brainwashing and Affirmative Action women were practically assigned breadwinner jobs – jobs reserved just for them.

Amid all the excitement of sex and distraction (entertainment) two breadwinners were quietly squeezed into one house, never giving it a moments’ thought.

Real Estate is considered a tangible asset and the only true measure of wealth while money is volatile and subject to creeping inflation. They doubled their money for a time while wages stagnated and prices rose; and the money bought less then it used to.

If you are so far ahead (of your self), where is your other house?

According to the Law of Supply and Demand a dearth of breadwinners (with that extra income) would have checked the rising price of real estate and in all probability, if the women had just stayed home they would still be living in the very same house they are today.

It’s an old gag that’s probably been around ever since the U. S. Postal Service was first founded. The jocular observation that the post-mans’ wifes’ children bear an uncanny physical resemblance to “the mailman.”

When a man goes off to his place of work and his wife stays at home there is an opportunity for some hanky-panky with the mailman. But cuckoldry goes beyond the merely physical, adulterous, extra-marital tryst. Where the wifes’ loyalty and care is divided between her loyalty to her husband and another there is also a hidden and intangible breach and loss of fidelity and faith. Her heart and mind is elsewhere.

And while opportunity represents an open door that one may choose to enter, actually stepping through that door precludes another or even several other choices. There are many other doors from which to choose.

This is what is meant by the expression “opportunity cost”.

One cannot play the violin and go for a swim at the same time; at least, you’ll not be able to do either very well. One door leads to one room while the other door leads to another. And you cannot be in two separate rooms at any one time.

So you have a job and it’s a good one. Why should you care about others’ unemployment? Just because a surplus of labor is economic leverage against you so that your feet seem nailed to the floor?

8 hours + 8 hours = 16 hours a day.
40 hours + 40 hours = 80 hours a week.

I will not further belabor the point.

Why should you care if such tears families apart and destroys lives? We are Americans. We are ruthless, bloodthirsty, cut-throat, dog-eat-dog capitalists after all.

If you really had a choice in the matter would you approve of mass brainwashing? If you really had a say in it would you approve of human sacrifice? Would you approve of modern wage slavery?

A married workman, meaning a husband and his economically dependent wife, presents both as a couple but also remains a single unit of labor. But when a woman leaves the shadow of economic dependency on her husband she becomes a discrete second unit of labor. While she works for another mans’ profit and another mans’ gain, she cannot work for her husband at one and the same time. The employer gets the best of her. That is the opportunity cost, but there is also a market cost. Wherever a husband and his dependant wife become two discrete units of labor, according to the Law of Supply and Demand, both are ultimately devalued. You may think mathematically that 1+1 = 2 but in the labor market 1+1 is leverage and, over time, equals far less than one. That is the seduction. That is where we stand on the great time-line of human history. That was the sole purpose of the myriad television advertising campaigns. The corporate mass media seduction of wives and the cuckolding of the American husband. Sex is not the only way one can use a woman.

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