Why Suicide is Illegal

Another man committed suicide just the other day. He lived briefly just down the street from us. I didn’t know him. According neighborhood gossip he hanged himself.

You won’t be hearing about him in the mass media – newspapers or TV; being, as they are, the voice of the powers-that-be (their sponsors, business interests, political parties); they never report suicides unless they occur in public or in some spectacular way such as the one that occurred at the U.S. Capitol just the other day.

It is against the law to commit suicide in most states. It is also against the law to aid or abet (assist), encourage or provoke a suicide. It seems a rather peculiar law and indeed it is.

As I’ve pointed out elsewhere there is an obvious conspiracy between the Democrats and Republicans to maintain a surplus of labor. They built the pressure cooker we all live in. A surplus of labor is unemployment and unemployment leads to poverty and poverty to despair.

In his book, Of Human Bondage (1915), W. Somerset Maugham wrote:

[The night-nurse speaking to Philip Carey]:

“Thing I’ve always noticed, people don’t commit suicide for love, as you’d expect, that’s just a fancy of novelists; they commit suicide because they haven’t got any money.”

Politicians would prefer that you (the electorate) and the immigrants legal or otherwise remain ignorant of the fact that suicides occur every few seconds in this country. It’s their dirty little secret.

Imagine what would happen if every desperate unemployed male in the country committed suicide all at the same time. The labor market would switch into seller’s mode. A fresh breeze of freedom would waft through the country like never before.

Note that I do not consider women to be unemployed; they are not. They have their role and their place. They are in fact preferred to men in most instances in this cuckolded nation.

Politicians prefer you remain ignorant of the suicides but also the eager immigrant whose heart is filled with the vain hope of freedom and whose eyes are blinded by media images of that wonderful life in America actually shared by so few. You’re welcome – but you are only here to replace the suicides. Do these immigrants know of the misery, poverty and despair already here? Do these immigrants know the misery they can only perpetuate?

Unemployment, poverty, despair and suicide are problems politicians have absolutely no desire to resolve.

But why is suicide illegal? Republicans and Democrats alike spend most of their time adjusting the pressure on the wage slave labor force – never relieving it – only adjusting it; and suicide is a vent they just can’t control. So make it illegal.
In the final analysis, maintaining a surplus of labor is a murderous economic policy.

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