The Fool’s Cap

Fool's Cap

So there I was, once again dining at the local Culver’s Restaurant with a young couple seated behind me in the next booth. They had a couple of cute little kids with them; a boy and a girl.

I’d just polished off my dessert and stood to go; this family leaving at the same time. The father noticed me donning my Fool’s Cap (1st Aviation Brigade — Vietnam) and brought his little boy (who looked to be about two-and-a-half) over to me and instructed him:

“See this man? Shake his hand and say ‘Thank you for your service.’

The little boy raised his hand shyly and said in a very small voice:

“Thank you for my service.”

Dad immediately recognized and attempted to correct the boy’s verbal faux pas but I just laughed and shook the little boy’s limp-and-still-damp-and-chilly-from-washing-it-in-the-restroom hand and smiled at him and said “My pleasure.”

1st Aviation Brigade Baseball Cap bifocals

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Age 69
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