Grammar, Your Slip Is Showing

Perhaps I was a bit fuzzy-headed this morning when I picked up the newspaper and glanced at this article and thought: “Now who the hell is this Polack?” The bold type reads: Malibu Open Waterski Festival.

Milwaukee Malibu Open Waterski Festival

I read it as wäter´-ski, obviously Polish in origin.

Who is this Waterski guy? You remember him, he used to be foreman down to the plant. The thought may have been triggered by The Big Lebowski Festival. At any rate . . . .

Mr. and Mrs. Emmanuel Waterski proudly announce the engagement of their daughter Emma Jean to Joshua A. Snowski, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Snowski. Nuptials pending.

A hyphen or break might help clarify: “water-ski” or “water ski” instead of “waterski”. After all, skiing on snow long predates skiing on water. Skiing generally conjures an image of snow and water skiing (with or without the hyphen) is the johnny-come-lately.

pin-up-girl-snow-skiing Gil Elvgren

Do you remember that waterski grammar? Um, yeah. Wasn’t she that nice old lady who lived down the block?

pin-up-girl-water-skiing Gil Elvgren

to Gil Elvgren, many thanks. (sigh)


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