Car Surfing

Late last night, just before bed, I went out on the porch one last time. There was some young people raising a ruckus down the street. A young woman, drunk, high or just stupid, got out of the car that was standing in the middle of the road. She said something-something and crawled onto the hood of the car.

The driver took off slowly and rolled out of sight. I thought to myself: “That’s a good way to get killed.” I thought: should I call 911? I figured even if I did, by the time the cops got there they’d be long gone. (They were already out of sight.) So I just figured I’d let Darwin deal with it, and went to bed.

This only serves to prove that a young woman can be just as stupid a jackass as any young man. I know – it’s called “Car Surfing” and quite deadly from what I hear.


About The Twentieth Man

Age 67
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