Quote of the Year – Warren Buffett

Warren Buffett is perfectly orthodox from his own point-of-view.

When I first read this article I thought this deserves to be quote-of-the-day at very least. Then I thought it deserved quote-of-the-week perhaps; or even quote-of-the-month. But it’s a bit late in the year so I’ll just dub it “Quote of the Year”.

Chastising Donald Trump for his presidential campaign slogan

“Make America Great Again!”

Berkshire Hathaway corporate chairman Warren Buffett rebutted:

“Make America great again? America is great now.”

This coming from a multi-billionaire.

Quote of the Year Warren Buffett

Of course Mr. Buffett is right. If you’re a multi-billionaire America is great and the whole world is a wonderful place. Your POV is all important however and he is being economically orthodox (looking, as he is, down the pyramid). It’s just too bad the old man must leave it (and us) behind so soon.

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