The First Snowfall of the Winter

My dear Patrick,

It is a song, a very real song, and a song from some time ago. It’s about the first snowfall of the winter. I have this vague childhood recollection of watching two girls, teenage girls – most probably your mother and her dear cousin, marching arm-in-arm down the sidewalk in the first snowfall of the season, laughing and singing merrily, and a bit off-key:

“Oh, The First Snowfall of The Winter . . .!”

And promptly slipping and falling on their asses. Because of this, the first snowfall of the winter or even the expression “first snowfall” is forever associated, in my mind at least, not with the first snow, but with falling on your ass. I think most people have this same experience as an annual event – falling on their asses for the first time each winter season. If you can’t avoid it – Happy Landings – and have a good holiday season.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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