Everybody gets their asphalt from Sherwin

OK. Just for the Record: This is one of the items on my bucket list. I’ve been scouring Rummage Sales for it for years. It was just a cute little post card sized ad I’d like to have.

Years ago when I worked for the City of Milwaukee (and people still had a sense of humor) I’d report for work at the Traser Street Ward Yard at 4th & Traser below the 6th Street Viaduct.

The BS&SM Yard had, among other things, several workshops (blacksmith, etc.), general storage, and an upstairs dispatch office and break room. In the middle of the ward yard was an enormous asphalt mixing plant that mixed batches of either hot or cold patch asphalt by the truckload for various types of street repairs.

Scotch-taped to the front of the dispatcher’s desk was a photograph about the size of a post card that was, in all probability, a limited edition advertising hand-out for those in the asphalt business. It depicted a pair of ethnic dancers (either German or Polish) doing what appeared to be a vigorous Polka.

Although the picture was black and white, clearly the happy couple was wearing high fashion and colorfully embroidered ethnic outfits. They both wore traitional high boots or shoes. The male dancer was in the act of spinning his partner when the photo was taken. The young woman, beset with all manner of pretty flowers and trailing ribbons woven in her hair, richly embroidered skirt, vest and apron, spun so vigorously her heavy billowing skirt went momentarily horizontal to reveal, in peek-a-boo fashion, that she was um, er, um, “going commmando”. There was just the slightest hint of her lack of undergarments.

As I say, it was an advertising hand-out or perhaps even a post card in general circulation from many years ago, when people still had a sense of humor.

I know it was an ad because it was captioned: “Everyone gets their asphalt from Sherwin”.

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