What ever happened to The Civil Rights Movement?

I have asserted elsewhere that the Women’s Liberation Movement was a Mass Media brainwashing campaign. While I can point out clearly that Feminism is a cult simply because your granddad’s dictionary says it is, I’ve never had and still haven’t the wherewithal to illustrate or demonstrate, or properly produce fulsome and convincing evidence of my assertion.

Books are a medium of Mass Communication. Books are not the most powerful, nor are they, especially in this era, the most far-reaching of the several media. Television still holds sway both in audience size and sensory impact. We still have radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards, signage and other less-recognized forms of propaganda, like direct mail or seminars.

Over the past several years millions of hardcopy books have been digitized and made available on line either for free or for a fee. All well and good. Google Inc. has done a great deal of the work and developed an application that scans (as they claim) millions of old books. The Google Books Ngram Viewer allows a user to scan these millions of books by, not only words, but phrases, to illustrate a particular topic’s “frequency of publication” over time.

Using the Google Books Ngram Viewer one may, for the sake of comparison, plug in several words or phrases to see, at least to some extent, the frequency in which they were used in publication and also reveal the relative time period in which they became a part of the national dialogue. You may peruse the Ngram Viewer at your leisure.

The term “civil rights” did not play a major role in the national political dialogue until the post World War II period. The Civil Rights Movement as it was popularly understood, that is to say, as it pertained to the American negro population, began in earnest in the mid 1950’s.

In contrast to this, the term “feminism” which was first coined, or rather first published about 1871, appears as a tiny blip on the ngram graph in the run-up to Women’s Suffrage (the 19th Amendment) and quickly went dormant for some 45 years only to re-emerge about the time of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

While the Google Books Ngram Viewer reflects only books in publication it does illustrate clearly how quickly Feminism overwrote The Civil Rights Movement.

Feminism / Civil Rights

While you may concede that Feminism is by definition a cult, you may still be skeptical of my unshakable assertion that the modern Women’s Liberation Movement was in fact the result of a Mass Media propaganda campaign, the graph tells me absolutely that it was.

If you were to consider The Civil Rights Movement as a revolution, the graph proves the radical Women’s Liberation Movement to be a reactionary counter-revolution.

After a lifetime of struggle, not much has changed in the ghetto, still rife with ignorance, violence, drugs, poverty and despair. However did the Civil Rights Movement become so perverted? How did it morph from a cry for justice for negroes into a radical Feminist pity-party for white Jewish women? Feminism was/is a racist counter-revolution.

From the end of the American Civil War and the so-called Era of Reconstruction it was primarily the negro female who bore the burden of family support on her shoulders. She still does. The Civil Rights Movement then was primarily about the plight of the negro male. Racist employers viewed the males as a threat but the females as non-threatening, cheap, pliable menials.

If the Jim Crow Laws were intended to enforce racial segregation and prevent miscegenation, using Women’s Liberation as a quick and dirty fix to overwrite and nullify the Civil Rights Movement had and still has its unintended consequences, as both movements were polarizing between those who were for it and those who were against it, love it or hate it. On the one hand the Civil Rights Movement garnered sympathy to the black male, and on the other hand the Women’s Liberation Movement garnered sympathy to the white female; and thus, irony of ironies, practically drove them into each other’s arms. If Jim Crow and Women’s Lib were both promulgated to segregate and prevent miscegenation the whole plot backfired in the grandest of fashions. God has a wicked sense of humor, n’est-ce pas?

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