Núi Bà Đen – The Black Virgin Mountain

Title: Who ever said Geology wasn’t sexy?
Subject: Nui Ba Den, dubbed “The Black Virgin” by GI’s
Author: Wayne F. Reske

Núi Bà Đen - The Black Virgin Mountain

Núi Bà Đen – The Black Virgin Mountain

(Photo of Núi Bà Đen – Nui Cau as seen from Tay Ninh West Base Camp)

Slide (182) Properties Text:
A lone massif on a vast plain. Midway up the heavily forested mountain, a black granite outcrop protrudes, bare of trees: it is oblong and bisected by a long, dark, narrow crevice.  Freud might say “Beau coup horney GI #10“.

Núi Bà Đen – Nui Cau

How Núi Bà Đen got its name (as told to me)

Warning: This May Be Bullshit.

Having never had the opportunity to fly near enough to verify or deny this allegation, I took it as gospel when pointed out to me as an FNG (new in company) – the bare granite outcrop seen just to the right of and down from the mountain’s peak. He (whoever he was) told me the black granite outcrop surrounded by trees had a narrow vertical crack in it and bore an uncanny resemblance to a young black girl’s pubes; thus the name:

“Black Virgin Mountain”.

While you may read about or hear other, more romantic tales of how the mountain got its name; you ought to know by now that,

“In war, truth is the first casualty.”Aeschylus

Throughout life, the want of verity is disconcerting in any case, but here you can take this, that, or any other romantic explanation to the bank. (They won’t cash yours either.)

Historically, The Second Indochina War (1954-1975) is known only in America as the Vietnam War but in Việt Nam it is known as the American War.

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1 Response to Núi Bà Đen – The Black Virgin Mountain

  1. Arthur Wertman says:

    I was at the bottom of the mountain. We called it the cunt rock.

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