The Miracle on Greenfield Avenue

The old church at 1418 West Greenfield Avenue Milwaukee, WI

The Miracle on Greenfield Avenue

According to the on line Macmillan Dictionary a miracle is defined as “an event that cannot be explained according to the laws of nature and is considered to be an act of God”. While the whole of creation is governed by the immutable physics of cause and effect both cosmological and sub-atomically a miracle is a phenomenon that occurs supernaturally outside those bounds and is recognized as such.

The human ego seeks its own and is utterly self-serving and thus nominally antagonistic to all others. This is also true of sexual relationships except during that brief period of youthful twitterpation when the trucial libido overrules the ego. The expression “the battle of the sexes” nicely describes this. A natural antipathy exists between men but also between men and women.

As pointed out elsewhere homosexuality is not primarily predicated on perverse lust but rather animosity and even raging hatred for the opposite sex. A lesbian therefore, is a woman who hates all men and a homosexual is a man who hates all women. The animosity is revealed even in the terms used; the insistence upon differentiating between lesbians and homosexuals. Are not lesbians homosexuals?

A woman with an ego, debilitated with what Sigmund Freud called “penis envy” and perhaps somehow abused by the opposite sex in the past and programmed by the Feminist Cult to seek “sexual equality” and frustrated in such, leaves the mother church (because the Pope won’t allow priestesses) publicly declares herself a lesbian and decides to play the ministry game herself.

A forlorn little South Side church, whitewashed, clapboard-sided, long abandoned; musty, dusty; with creaking, warped floors and a few utilitarian pews that have seen better days, is tucked between buildings and standing almost unnoticed mid-block on the north side of West Greenfield Avenue.

The woman sets up shop: a non-denominational and “inclusive” ministry, meaning the LGBT community she belongs to is welcome. While not a roaring success as churches go, this Feminist/lesbian minister became involved with a male homosexual congregant. They apparently fell in love and ultimately, they married.

According to Christian dogma Jesus was God incarnate. He became flesh in the guise of his own son in order to teach us all how to live. Christ is his everlasting spirit.

A miracle is defined as an act of God. Being nominally egocentric, people want to be loved. They want not only to be admired, but to dominate and be obeyed. They seek this kind of love. They pine for this kind of love, but they don’t know what real love is. In this situation this couple learned the love of Christ. They faced what would otherwise be insurmountable hurdles of selfishness, envy and hate.

If one were to subtract God (Christ) from this particular and very human equation one can only conclude that this miracle could never have happened. Without Christ there would be no church – the physical building itself; there would be no ministry or calling for this woman. Without the love of Christ there would be no welcome for the man.

Imagine it: A man-hating lesbian meets a woman-hating gay boy – they learn about true love from Christ. Eventually, they married. Given the self-loathing and general animosity and even overt hostility standing as an insurmountable barrier between them it seems otherwise impossible; but it did happen. Surely, this fits the very definition of a miracle – and a cause for celebration.

I regret that I did not clip and save the article from the local paper. Were it not for that article I would never had heard about this “Miracle on Greenfield Avenue”. Although not couched in these exact terms the writer and editor of the local paper apparently found this to be such an extraordinary tale as to be considered “news-worthy”.

Although this miracle occurred a long time ago we may well assume they both lived happily ever-after.

This is a true story, and, as you know, true stories are the best kinds of stories.

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