This Ain’t Europe

This morning a tall, lanky young black man came strolling down the street accompanied by a medium-size, non-discript black dog trotting around him. I was watching to see first, if it was indeed his and secondly to see if it was going to take a dump on the neighbor’s lawn. (They have two dogs of their own.) The dog sniffed about a bit at their favorite spot on their lawn, then the guy called his dog and crossed over to my side of the street. When they were directly in front of our house I said: “You know that dog’s supposed to be on a leash.” he says “Yeah” and keeps walking. After a few paces he turns to me and says, with a wandering gesture of his hand, “In Europe the let them (pets) in the stores.” I sez:

“Yeah? Well, this ain’t Europe.”

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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