Check Fraud

Did God create man, or did man create god? We mock and make sport of the ancient gods of Greece and of Rome and countless lesser, much older, and much cruder gods. At what point in the great timeline of human history will we be able to freely mock Yahweh and Allah? Religious cults have come and gone because they were fraught with human attributes, desires and very fundamental flaws. The God-of-All-Creation is real; but do we really know anything about him? Ever since man first set stylus to clay, quill to parchment, ink to papyrus, man has created his own god. The god he created is a reflection of his own vanity, ego, hatred and fear.

Have you never heard the expression: “walk a mile in my shoes”? Or perhaps from time to time you’ve made an earnest, conscious effort to see the world through the eyes of another? All scriptures are man-made. Who are these men who write these tall tales and further, dare to write quotations directly from God? How is it that your god only speaks to you? How is it that he only speaks in your language? Is the voice of the scribe really and truly the voice of Almighty God? I think not. Having read so many things by so many authors including the bible and, having struggled to write for myself, I have become quite sensible to the motives of the authors; those anonymous, unseen hands.

The Bible is not a book. The Old Testament is an accretion of ancient folk tales writ down and poorly done for all that. It mirrors the egocentric, ethnocentric, territorial, biased, hateful, fearful and wishful thinking of the anonymous scribe who first penned it; the rules bent, all in his favor. It is a fraudulent check written in God’s name long ago by this anonymous Semitic scribe. As a matter of history, Judaism is a failed and long dead civilization crushed beneath the Roman sandal; but after more than 5,000 years they’re still trying to cash that bogus check, but to no avail. The rest of the world will not have it. Support for the Zionist resurrection of Israel is like giving mouth-to-mouth to a corpse.

This is not about antisemitism of course; because, in a larger sense, it is about how all scriptures concerning god reflect the desires of the hands that first wrote them. These are all, without a doubt, the works of the hands of man and not of God. God never said boo to anyone at any time.

Your god is tiny if he hides on a mountaintop.
Your god is hateful if he loves only some of his children.
Your god is weak if he relies on your scrawny arms to defend him.
Your god is ignorant if he cannot withstand reasoned argument.

While literacy is part and parcel to man’s evolution, there is no revelation, only discovery. All knowledge of God lies open to discovery by those who seek after it. Nothing is hidden from you. No mystery – only ignorance. The advantages of a father’s love has always been there but it took an Abraham to discover it.

Christ existed from the creation as pure potential. Cooperation derives dividends not found by being in a constant state of antipathy toward those around you – or being in a constant state of war. These basics, these Natural Laws and many more have been in existence from the creation waiting only to be discovered and put into practice. Humanity has only scratched the surface thus far. Seek and you shall find; knock, and the door is opened.

The Old Testament justifies war, racism, genocide, usury, property, inheritance and slavery; all man-made concepts. Jesus was crucified for blasphemy; the blasphemy of saying, in essence: “You do not own the earth. the earth belongs to my father” (Almighty God) – which, of course, is logically correct.

God always was and always will be. The earth will still exist long after you’re gone. We, on the other hand, are but sojourners here. He belied everything their world was, everything their very lives were, founded upon.

These so-called sacred scriptures – these so-called holy texts, simply mirror the minds and hearts of their very human authors.

We are thus free to mock, not the Creator, and surely not Almighty God; but rather that ambitious, anonymous scribe who first wrote that fraudulent check.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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