Mrs. Zark

Back then there were so few people that the entire world population only needed one name. Everyone knew everyone else. Mrs. Zark? Oh, that was Noah’s wife.
Let me back up. When I was very young ( 6 maybe ) there was this movie about Noah’s ark. It was in black and white as I recall because I eventually saw it. I can only remember vividly the scene where all the sinners were locked out of the ark and slowly drowned. But the point is that, prior to seeing it, several people had asked me if I had seen “Noah Zark”. “Have you seen Noah Zark?” I was a kid for crying out loud. I had no idea what an ark was. I had no mental image of what an ark looked like. Anyway….

Mrs. Zark was much like my own mother only prettier ( in the movie ). She was a housewife who loved, honored and obeyed her husband. She had three sons whom she loved dearly. She was industrious. Her hands were always busy about the house.
The Zark family kept to themselves for the most part. They eschewed the bright lights of the city. They worshipped God and were humble but well respected. The sons were grown men with wives of their own but they lived near by and worked in their fathers’ business.
Mrs. Zark and her husband grew old together but that was as it should be. The trouble began when it was noised about that The Old Man was starting to hear voices. At least that’s what the gossips were saying. The truth was that Noah was a good man, a good husband and father. And God saw this and started to talk to him. But that didn’t stop the gossip. Some said he was senile because he was 600 years old at the time. But in those days he was still a comparatively young buck. Some said he was crazy and would be the ruin of his family for carrying on the way that he did. He tried to warn his neighbors about an impending flood and how they ought to repent themselves to turn away Gods’ wrath. They ignored him. I mean, he was a nice old man, but really….

It reached a point where Mrs. Zark suffered just going to the market. She ran a gauntlet of guffaws and catcalls and a whole lot of finger pointing. It got so bad her sons had to escort her just to get the makings of supper. The whole family became a laughingstock. Even Mrs. Zark’s best friends shook their heads and urged her to leave him. The only man in town who wasn’t openly mocking them was the guy who ran the lumberyard. He just counted his money in silence. It seems Old Noah had sold all he had to build his now famous ark.

“What’s wrong with that woman. Can’t she see he’s a fool? Why doesn’t she leave him? If he were my husband I would have been gone months ago.”

“And what of those sons? Have they no shame? They’ll go down with him if they don’t take him in hand.”

“We’ve never had a flood in these parts and the nearest body of water is many miles from here.”

The townsfolk actually started to make money off the tourists and gawkers who came to see Noah’s Folly.
But through it all Mrs. Zark never once opened her mouth (You can check it). You see that, from little on, she was taught that a good girl and a smart one married a Godly man and stood by him no matter what. She obeyed her husband as her sons obeyed their father. You know the rest of the story. Mrs. Zark and her husband and sons (and, oh yes, their son’s wives) were preserved by the Grace of Almighty God when the rains finally came.

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