The Sun Never Rises

It was very hot and humid just the other night. I woke up with itchy arms; I’d developed a bit of heat rash. I applied some witch hazel and stepped outside, seeking cooler air. The night sky slowly brightened. So many times, at twilight times like these I’d close my eyes for but a few seconds then open them again, and every time I’d do this the houses, trees and landscape all about and the sky above would become appreciably brighter. What was once only shades of gray would slowly turn to color. Standing there it dawned on me that the sun never rises. How very odd. How very absurd.

The sun never rises?

It’s true.

Sunrise never happens. We live in a vain world filled with logical errors. We live out our days on two separate levels. There is reality; and then, above that, there is the literal; the glossary of words we use to label or describe those many things that comprise that reality.

East is a direction, not a place. The sun never rises – the earth rotates. Riding on it’s surface and rotating eastward we are periodically exposed, at an incomprehensible speed, from darkness into direct sunlight. The sun never rises, neither does it set.

We ought to let go the sunrise and observe the dawn. But who has time for logic when you’re hysterical?

We struggle for equality where no equality exists – or can exist. The ancient Greek philosophers differentiated between “the form of the thing” and “the thing of itself”. Equality exists only in mathematics or an idealized form. It does not exist in reality. An orange is a form of fruit; but if you examine any two of them closely enough you will observe that, even from the same tree, no two oranges are exactly alike. There is no real equality there.

I stumbled upon an old photograph of a pair of twins I used to know. They were natural twins, not in vitro. They were said to be identical but we could still tell them apart as one had a small freckle on the bridge of his nose. No equality there. I’ve since learned one can tell so-called identical twins apart simply by their behavior.

We argue, we fight, we march in protest, we litigate and legislate, we war; all in the name of equality.

We speak of black people even though black people do not exist. We speak of white people even though white people do not exist. We insist on equality between men and women. Nonsense.

“We hold theses truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal, . . “

So saith the founding genocidal and hypocritical slave masters who considered the indigenous tribes to be savages and their African slaves to be subhuman property. Apparently most homo sapiens didn’t quite fit into their egocentric and ethnocentric tribal definition of “men”.

Equality does not exist in nature. It’s an imaginary butterfly you chase and chase across your dreamscape but never can catch.

As sure as the sun never rises, equality will never be achieved.


About The Twentieth Man

Age 68
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