The Five-Second Rule

I suppose you’d have to be an ardent baseball fan to visualize the following:

During the Seventh Inning Stretch the Klement’s Sausage mascots hold a foot race.

Don’t ask me, I only live here.

Klement’s Sausage is a major sponsor and sausage purveyor of the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park. These mascots even have names:


My elder brother has been working as an usher since Miller Park Stadium first opened in 2001. He can even explain the Infield Fly Rule. Anyway . . .
He came home one day after a game and informed me that, during the sausage race, one of the sausages tripped and fell in the dirt. I had to ask:

“If that’s the case, does the Five-Second Rule apply?”


About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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