Mirror, Mirror

You’re wondering why you’re poor or unemployed and unsuccessful as you’d like to be. You ask yourself why? You look in a mirror and what do you see? A male or a female, black, white, young, old, fat, thin, tall, short or any combination of the above, including ethnicity, religion, sexual practices or nationality. You blame “them” for their hateful discrimination and cry: “It’s because I’m this!” or “It’s because I’m that!” You judge and assume it is because you are what you are; you are what you see. But all these things are qualities – and qualities is not what an economist sees.

Economics is numerical, it deals in quantities not qualities. Economics deals in numerical Supply and Demand; i.e., numbers. If we were all the same color, all the same sex, all the same religion, all the same size and all the same in all the other qualities one can cite or even imagine; when there are too many workers chasing too few jobs there will be unemployment, poverty and despair.

You seek employment; you’re a piece of meat on a hook; labor on the hoof; you put yourself up for sale. If there aren’t enough buyers some of that meat will surely rot. When you look in that mirror you see a human being with certain attributes. When economists look at you they see a single unit of labor. They count – you judge.

Is there discrimination? Of course. So long as the Supply of workers exceeds the Demand for them the Labor Market will remain in Buyer’s Mode and the buyer will have the power to discriminate; any way they choose. They choose – you cannot.

Get you a bar of soap and write a big number one (1) on that mirror of yours to remind yourself that, when you seek employment, that is the number of workers you’ve added to the already glutted surplus supply.

So you’re doing relatively well, you have a good job and you’re working righteously hard. Why would it matter to you if there are others unemployed? What is it to you that the labor supply exceeds the demand? A surplus of labor drives down the value of each and every unit of labor. It is the surplus that holds you down and holds you in place; you can neither rise nor move on.

It is the policy of the United States government to maintain a surplus of labor. Neither the billionaire Democrats nor the billionaire Republicans in Congress will ever willingly change this murderous policy.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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