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You Might Want To Rethink That Selfie

You just might want to rethink the next selfie you post. Angling a movie camera to one side is a cinematic device perhaps as old as motion pictures themselves. When the director or cinematographer wants to emphasize the evil, insanity … Continue reading

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At some point in the future society must come to recognize greed as a form of mental illness and intervene for the betterment of society as a whole. Perhaps three adult citizens could petition the authorities to arrest the miscreant … Continue reading

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The Monkey Crap Fight

A monkey crap fight is an apt description of the current presidential race. We have two soulless candidates vying to dirty the image and reputation of the other in order to sway voters. They are throwing crap at each other. … Continue reading

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Heaven On Earth

Soon as I’m done building Heaven on Earth I’m going to drop dead. Does that sound like someone you know?

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What is Justice?

(From a note originally written on Facebook, July 5, 2011.)   The case of Caylee Marie Anthony is as troubling to me as it is to the nation. This little girl met with foul play at the hands of a … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts Over a Cup of Coffee

I was thinking America (the United States) needs to grow up. You need to either grow up or get yourself a woobie; a big woobie. My revere was interrupted by one of the counter girls. They were in a disputation … Continue reading

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Memory – The First Thing To Go

He: “Excuse me sir, I wonder if you might have some spare change.” (Looking down and away all kind of shifty-eyed behind his glasses) He continued: “Somebody was supposed to pick me up but they never showed. I just need … Continue reading

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