The Monkey Crap Fight

A monkey crap fight is an apt description of the current presidential race. We have two soulless candidates vying to dirty the image and reputation of the other in order to sway voters. They are throwing crap at each other.

Both candidates are godless or soulless or have altogether given short shrift to matters spiritual.

They are both classified as homo sapiens – one of the Great Apes. A man (or woman) without a soul is reduced to nothing more than, as Ernest Becker described it – a symbolic animal; and less than fully human.

So yes, what we have is two great apes throwing crap at each other (while ignoring their own filth) and it is not a far reach to say such apes are closely related to monkeys so this is indeed aptly described as a monkey crap fight.

“the essence of man is really his paradoxical nature, the fact that he is half animal and half symbolic.”
― Ernest Becker, The Denial of Death


About The Twentieth Man

Age 68
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