At some point in the future society must come to recognize greed as a form of mental illness and intervene for the betterment of society as a whole. Perhaps three adult citizens could petition the authorities to arrest the miscreant and have them institutionalized for at least one year.

Obviously you have the Wall Street types that are never, ever satisfied with what they have and relentlessly seek ever more money, more wealth. Some of these people have more wealth than most of us could possibly imagine much less hope to acquire.

At the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid you have hoarders. The hoarders may not have money stashed – buried in jars in their backyard – but they tend to irrationally accumulate physical objects and physically bury themselves with stuff. Once acquired they can never let go of anything.

In between you also have the apocalyptic survivalists hoarding food, water, guns and ammunition; and building atomic bomb shelters and mental if not physical citadels at which they might make their last stand.

Greed is fear. Reality dictates; there are no survivors. At some point the greedy become an encumbrance not only to themselves but to those around them and society as a whole. No matter how much one may accumulate materially in one’s own lifetime it is all ultimately taken away.

The rich, the near rich, and those who want to be rich are spiritually poor – spiritually impoverished. All the money in the world – all the doctors in the world cannot save you. The greedy seek safety where there is none. There is nowhere to hide from death.

It is no coincidence that the root word of misery is miser.

The obsessively greedy should be institutionalized – given a break from their compulsive doings to reassess the values they hold and the true worth of wealth.

Greed is still legal.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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