Every problem has a solution and every solution creates new problems and so it is with my brother’s new windows. The new windows were installed so tight to the inside frame as to leave no room to re-hang the shade rollers. Hm. I went to Menards looking for solutions and did a complete circuit of that ginormous building as I was misdirected by an employee.

I puttered about to kill me some time before I had to go to the Public Library to scan a document for my brother. I’d checked the library hours on the internet before I left the house. Sunday 1-5 PM it said.

After Menard’s I stopped at Pick ‘n Save and after that I figured the library would be opened. As I got there the clock in the car read 1:15 but the library doors were still locked.

I found a children’s book propped against the door, apparently it was, as children’s books often are, too large to fit in the overnight book drop. I picked up the book and went ’round the building hoping they’d just forgotten to unlock the back door but the front door was locked too.

As I rounded the corner I realized that it was the end of Daylight Saving Time. I’d reset the clocks at home but I forgot about the one in the car. A woman was sitting on the brickwork out front and I said to her: “Daylight Saving”. She scrunched up her face in recognition of her forgetfulness. We were 25 minutes early. There was another woman sitting there with a young boy next to her. I offered him the book to read to kill time. He read it cursively and then set it down. I picked it up and figured I could read a kid’s book in a matter of minutes.

Lo and Behold! It was a book about politics!


Did you know the Weasel Leader has a dastardly plan for world domination?

I thought: Oh! Perfect! Just in time for the election!

You can’t make this shit up kids.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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