Anything Can Happen Day

You might want to Copy and Paste this somewhere for future reference:

One cannot explain how or why, that, from time to time, this type of cerebral detritus burbles up from the subconscious mind but, bemusingly, it never-the-less does. The subject came up just the other day – as a question left hanging in mid-air:

What day of the week was “Anything Can Happen Day”?

(Mickey Mouse Club)


I did the necessary leg-work (foot-work, Internet research, sit-on-your-butt Googling, what have you) and here for your elucidation, enlightenment and edification are the Mickey Mouse Club theme days:

Monday – Fun With Music Day
Tuesday – Guest Star Day
Wednesday – Anything Can Happen Day
Thursday – Circus Day
Friday – Talent Roundup Day


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