The Family Business

A long time ago, when I still had hope of establishing a career or to at least get a job, I attended what might best be described as a community business exposition. I don’t recall exactly how it was billed but a group of local businesses had set up booths touting their goods and services, even raffling gifts and discounts and so forth. I found myself speaking with a Funeral Director from a local funeral home. I inquired as to the educational requisites of becoming a mortician. He explained there was an Associate Degree program offered at the local Community College but stated: “We like to keep it in the family.”

I wasted three years of my life studying the Plumbing Trade in high school, a taxpayer financed and allegedly public Public School program run by sneaky, dirty, nepotistic and corrupt Trade Unionists – who also liked to “. . . keep it in the family.”

At another point in my fruitless search for viable employment I’d heard the circus was in town. I went down to the circus grounds and made some inquiries there. I was told they sometimes hired local temps at minimum wage to help set up and tear down the Big Top, etc. but they currently had all the help they needed. I told the man I was not averse to hard work, traveling, or even shoveling elephant shit if need be and I was looking for steady employment or a permanent position. He told me they had none and pointedly added: “We like to keep it in the family.”

Most businesses are family businesses, and through the good offices of nepotism even the government, local, state and national, are, in fact, family businesses. In case you missed it: Barney Fife was Sheriff Andy Taylor’s cousin. One may, therefore conclude that half or better than half of the government bureaucracy on all levels consists of Barney Fifes. This explains a lot.

Some men are bereft of a father or family, much less a family business. Some men are bereft of a trade or profession or even a self-supporting job. A bastard therefore, rightly considered, is an object of pity.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 70
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