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Rhubarb-Strawberry Jam

Just before Christmas, but a few weeks ago, I had Breakfast with Santa at St. Florian’s parish. I took my son along kicking and screaming (he’s 34). The food is quite good, especially the cheese omelets; and the meal comes … Continue reading

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Don’t Give Me Those Puppy Dog Eyes

Nasty old lady parks her van at the far end of ALDI’s parking lot. She unloads her two large dogs, a couple of pit bull mix. Both are on a leash but, being as she is, old and tiny, she’s … Continue reading

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The Mulching Mower

There is a down-side to using a mulching mower. While a mulching mower handily chews up the leaves of Autumn, thus sparing you the arduous and time consuming toil of raking the leaves; it leaves them in place, food for … Continue reading

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Lady Katherine

Lady Katherine. That’s how I think of her whenever I think of her – Lady Katherine. Perhaps she was a even a princess at one time. I don’t exactly recall the occasion, it may well have been the collation following … Continue reading

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The Howling

Like too many other men my father put off making his Will until it was too late. Fact was, I was told he had an appointment with a lawyer to do so on the very day that he died. It … Continue reading

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Who Are You?

Are you some kind of mindless zombie? A headless body perhaps. Bovine? Livestock? A “breeder”? One of the sheeple? This is what or how some people think of you. Who are you? This Business Commentary article appeared in the Milwaukee … Continue reading

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