Lady Katherine

Lady Katherine. That’s how I think of her whenever I think of her – Lady Katherine. Perhaps she was a even a princess at one time.

I don’t exactly recall the occasion, it may well have been the collation following her great-grandfather’s funeral. The family gathered, all dressed in their Sunday best, with prayer and a light repast being served. The solemnities of the day bore no weight upon the spirit of my Lady Katherine; how could they – after all she was only about four years old.

Forbidden any playthings the children of the group resorted to fancy. Like leaves in a whirlwind they swirled through the forest of grown-ups. Let’s play pretend. As I sat there observing and trying to decipher the gist of the game Lady Katherine strode up, and standing four-square before me boldly drew forth an invisible sword and right then and there, laying it across both my shoulders, dubbed me a knight.

She quickly withdrew, unwittingly striking a deep chord upon my heartstrings – a chord so deep that, to this very day, I weep at the memory of it. Lady Katherine had made me her knight.

As a former soldier I carry a lifelong burden of guilt, shame and doubt. She touched me in a way she can never comprehend; as I cannot comprehend it myself. For all that a man is, and all that a man should be, it is all I’d ever needed or wanted.

As a man and an old soldier no accolades or honors could ever surpass being knighted by that sweet little girl. I would die for Lady Katherine – I would lay down my life and gladly for her. I love her, now and forever, to the depths of my soul.

Lady Katherine is a young woman now and has her own life to live; but my wish for her is to have all the health, wealth and happiness a true lady rightly deserves.


About The Twentieth Man

Age 68
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