The Mulching Mower

There is a down-side to using a mulching mower. While a mulching mower handily chews up the leaves of Autumn, thus sparing you the arduous and time consuming toil of raking the leaves; it leaves them in place, food for worms, producing worm castings which, in turn, builds up the soil to such an extent that the soil all around stands proud of the concrete sidewalks.

The walkway in our yard now lies below the level of the soil around it, thus blocking all drainage of snow melt (and rain) and forming a water-filled trench. And this, being January, I have every expectation that the water will refreeze – so I’ll soon be able to skate out to the garage – thus defeating the whole purpose of building a walkway to begin with.


Everything a man invents, everything a man builds, everything a man does, it seems, ultimately turns and bites him in the ass.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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