Don’t Give Me Those Puppy Dog Eyes

Nasty old lady parks her van at the far end of ALDI’s parking lot. She unloads her two large dogs, a couple of pit bull mix. Both are on a leash but, being as she is, old and tiny, she’s barely able to hold on to the younger one. The other, (who she says is arthritic) is leashed but loose, it toddles up on some strangers who cautiously greet and then pet it. Instead of going shopping she takes her dogs for a walk around our block. They mark their territory here, there and everywhere – and ultimately leave a couple of steamers for the neighbors to consider.

It’s all good, you see; the old lady gets her exercise, the dogs get their exercise; and the neighbors get theirs.

She returns to her van, loads the dogs and drives off.

Don’t Give Me Those Puppy Dog Eyes

About The Twentieth Man

Age 69
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