The Accountant

This pertains to the husband of The Hobbyist. Presumably, an accountant is relatively smart. Also presumably, an accountant is formally educated if not to say college degreed and licensed for his profession. Presumably, an accountant can count past ten without taking off his shoes. But here we have  an accountant and his wife who both know and acknowledge that her working outside the home racks up expenses and puts them in a higher tax bracket and, in sum, makes them worse off financially then if she’d simply stayed home.

The Hobbyist is surrounded by men struggling desperately to keep a roof over their heads and food in their bellies; but The Hobbyist is completely oblivious to the struggle going on all around her. She just wants a hobby.

The Accountant, on the other hand, in full knowledge that he’s bleeding money, just wants to keep his wifey-poo happy – who, in turn, keeps his dick happy.

As often as I might, I tell my son that every man has two heads – but only one of them has a brain in it. So, which will you follow? The one on your shoulders or the one in your pants?

The Accountant is a dickhead; he thinks with his dick. With his college diploma in one had and his dick in the other, he wanders through life prodding and prodding and probing about here and there with his penis like a blind man with a white cane.

Aside from boredom or low self-esteem or just the herd instinct to follow the brainwashed feminist crowd, who can account for the Hobbyist’s thinking?

Just as asinine Adam conceded all judgment, wisdom and reason to the silly simpleton Eve, The Accountant concedes all his years of education – his college degree, to his wifey-poo, just to keep his dick happy.

The Accountant is a dickhead. And as for his hard-earned sheepskin, his college diploma – he may as well wipe his ass with it, for all that it’s worth.

The United States of America is a nation of dickheads a hundred and fifty million strong. We may excuse those who never studied Economics, Finance or Accounting and say such things were never taught in Public Schools. But how do you account for all those allegedly well educated, college degreed doctors and lawyers; business men; bankers and investors? Dickheads all. Know they not they and their children would be better served if the wifey-poo just stayed home?

And don’t get me started on those Feminist Economists who make exception for themselves; who claim to be pro-women yet fail to recognize their own deleterious place in the labor market?

Everybody’s born stupid – most remain stupid the whole of their lives.

The United States is a nation of cuckolds and dickheads and spoiled, silly women. There shall be an accounting.

About The Twentieth Man

Age 70
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