The Monkey Trap

This is just a rehash of a story I’d read about a long time ago. It took place somewhere in Southeast Asia or thereabouts. It was about how the local natives would, for what ever reason, capture a monkey. The natives would affix a narrow-neck jar to the branch of a tree. They would then place a treat of some sort popular with monkeys inside the jar. A monkey would come along and discover the treat. The monkey would slip his paw into the narrow aperture of the jar, grasping the treat. But in making a fist in order to hold on to the treat the monkey could no longer withdraw his paw from the jar. Being hungry and greedy and lacking sufficient intelligence to let go the treat the monkey was thus forever trapped with his paw stuck in the jar.

Over the years I’ve found this story analogous to countless situations where the very thing you find most desirable and a delight to the eye, is just so much bait in a trap, and you lack sense enough to just let go.


About The Twentieth Man

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